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Laerdal Learning Application

A full LLEAP license unifies the control of all PC operated Laerdal simulators and brings simplicity to running simulation training.

LLEAP: unified software for simulation

Manage all PC operated Laerdal simulators from one unified platform. This means you will find scenarios, conduct simulation training and develop new scenarios to help meet your learning objectives with greater ease.

What are the benefits to LLEAP?

 Save Time

LLEAP looks and behaves like a single unified platform, thus reducing time spent training on multiple platforms. System capabilities are fully integrated and ready to use from a variety of interfaces—from PC-operated simulators to standardized patients.

 Reduce Cost

Reduce scenario development time and scenario purchase costs. Scenarios designed for LLEAP or SimPad simulators can be shared with minimal or no additional development time. Use self-authored scenarios or SimStore content for a standardized, reproducible training experience.

  Improve Efficiency

The LLEAP interface is based upon proven SimMan 3G software but incorporates brand new functionality such as faster, more intuitive event registration, automatic updates when connected to the internet, and built-in video tutorials to help simplify simulation for faculty and staff.

Efficient systems deliver effective simulations

With LLEAP you only need to learn how to use one software platform in order to operate all compatible simulators. Scenarios designed for one simulator can be run on many, without additional development.

The result is, LLEAP saves you both time and money, meaning you can invest more time in what matters most - delivering effective simulation training.

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