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Teaching with LLEAP

Teaching with LLEAP gives you an in-depth knowledge of the Instructor Application software and its functionality together with a basic training in how to use your system for simulation-based training.

The goals of this educational course is to empower the participants with essential skills to utilize LLEAP Learning Application and the simulator to their full capacity

Hands-on activities will help your team become familiar with the software and how to run a basic scenario. The course is aimed at those who will be responsible for running simulations. After the course you should be able to start using your simulator system for simulation based education.

Courses and training opportunities are available for every skill level. Classes are designed to increase your ability to effectively operate Laerdal simulators to teach and evaluate learning objectives. Courses are tiered for basic to advanced users. The next course builds upon the previous to create a journey for the customer.

Who will benefit from this service




As a simulation instructor, NEW TEXT


Preparing for a simulation requires an in-depth understanding of how the simulator and systems work. NEW TEXT

What value this service provides

✔Get an in-depth understanding of the features of the LLEAP software
✔ Understanding Laerdal Simulation Home
✔Learn how to start simulations using LLEAP
✔ Learn how to operate the simulator using manual and automatic modes

How the service is delivered

 This one day course for up to eight participants is delivered on-site at your facility by our Field Service Specialist or Educational Service Specialist.



Dave was wonderful. I really liked that by the very end he had both of us 'teaching' him to use the equipment. This really tapped in to the educators in us and made the learning more valuable. His experience in simulation was also very extensive which made it interesting to have discussions and bounce ideas off of him for our own simulation environment.

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