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Leardal Learning Application

Update LLEAP

LLEAP software unifies the control of all PC operated Laerdal simulators and brings simplicity to running simulation training.  Existing LLEAP users can update their software to version

This new version includes

  • Windows 10 compatibility
  • Enhancements to Themes and states (within Manual Mode)
  • Added ventilation animations
  • Assisted ventilations are now shown on the simulator avatar together with any spontaneous ventilations
  • Added ability to show “EFM only” on a separate instance of Patient Monitor
  • Plus other improvement and fixes.

The LLEAP software download includes the Laerdal Patient Monitor and SimDesigner software.

Update Steps

1. a) Online, automatic update of LLEAP Instructor PC and Patient Monitor using an internet connection

Simplify the update process by connecting your LLEAP PC to the Internet. Watch the video below to learn how to easily update LLEAP software online.


1. b) Offline, manual update of LLEAP Instructor PC and Patient Monitor

  1. Download the files below from a computer with an internet connection.
  2. Via USB, transfer the files onto your LLEAP PC
  3. Open files on your LLEAP PC
  4. Follow prompts to install new version of LLEAP and Session Viewer
  5. You may be asked to restart your computer, if so, please do so



Download LLEAP Lite (1500mb)

Please allow time to download the large file (approximately up to 2 hours for 1Mbps line). Download speeds will vary depending on your connection.


2. Update your Link Box - Mandatory for SimMom, SimJunior, SimNewB and ALS Simulator

*Mandatory for SimMom, SimNewB, SimJunior and ALS Simulator

If using a simulator with a SimPad or SimPad PLUS Link Box, you will need to update the Link Box.

Go to SimPad PLUS software update

3. Update your SimView - Mandatory for all SimView users

You will need to update SimView Server to use LLEAP 5.4.

SimView Server installation instructions:

  1. Download update to SimView Server
  2. Open the file and click on “Run as Administrator”
  3. You will be prompted to agree to the license terms and conditions.
  4. Once you agree, follow the prompts, as the installer takes you through the needed steps.
  5. When the installer is complete you can start using your SimView Server.

Go to SimView Server downloads