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Clinical Female Pelvic Trainer

The Clinical Female Pelvic Trainer is an anatomically accurate and tactile representation of the female pelvis. It is the ideal platform for hands-on examination as well as diagnosis of female conditions and minor pathologies. It can be used for many levels of training from undergraduate onwards, as well as in family health.

Includes 7 modules:

  • LIM-60910 Abdominal Insert
  • LIM-60921 Large Fibroid - Nulliparous Ectropion Cervix
  • LIM-60922 Small Fibroid - Nulliparous Polyp Cervix
  • LIM-60923 Ovarian Cyst - Multiparous Cervix
  • LIM-60924 Retroverted - Multiparous Cervix
  • LIM-60925 10-12 Weeks Pregnant
  • LIM-60926 14-16 Weeks Pregnant
    • Lower torso
    • Base
    • Tube of aqueous gel
    • Carry case (trainer)
    • Carry case (modules)
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