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Preparing for Safe Births

Improving Patient Outcomes

Reducing Complications and Improving Patient Outcomes

One of the most important objectives during labor and delivery is recognizing the potential risks to the mother and baby. Building competency to manage complications can impact patient outcomes. Educating and improving the competency of healthcare providers demands a wide range of high-quality training tools that meet the needs of educators, learners, and healthcare providers, ensuring high levels of safe patient care.

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Recreating the Reality of Birth: Choosing the Right Level of Fidelity for Your Simulation Training

In this article, we examine a range of simulation methods. Building on expert observations, we share how each can support the needs of your learners and help reduce the risk in maternal and newborn care. Methods discussed include:

  • Task trainers
  • Standardized patients
  • Hybrid simulation
  • High fidelity simulators

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