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Building High-Performance Resuscitation Teams

Over the course of the Building High-Performance Resuscitation Teams Workshop you experienced how team performance in resuscitation can instill saving lives into part of a team's character. You experienced how simulation can lead to improved individual competency, team coordination, team assertiveness, and team familiarity with a process. You witnessed how simulation can help teams develop situational awareness, overcome the unexpected, and develop the adaptive behavior necessary when things don't go as planned.

We hope that experience was valuable and know you are likely asking what’s next?

We wanted to provide you with some resources so you can take what you have learned in the workshop and continue your journey in improving patient outcomes. 

Downloads and Resources

The following downloads are the resources used in the delivery of the Laerdal Building High-Performance Resuscitation Teams Workshop.

Haven’t taken Laerdal’s Building High-Performance Resuscitation Teams Workshop and want to learn more?

The Laerdal Building High Performance Resuscitation Teams workshop provides an opportunity for the participants to experience through a series of presentations and facilitated hands on activities the importance of team training in improving patient outcomes.

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