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5 Ways Content Can Get You Closer to Commitment

It’s 7:00 AM. Where are most sales professionals?

A national survey shows that 76% are already awake and getting after things¹. Perhaps you're one of them. Or, perhaps you were up well before then! Either way, what’s the first thing you might be doing? Most in the survey said they were checking their e-mail. 

There’s no substitute for personal contact with customers. But, e-mail still plays a vital role in maintaining and nurturing customer relationships. It can keep interest alive between site visits, phone calls, meeting at conferences, and any other interaction you might have with your clients.

E-mail poses one fundamental problem, though. Every time you hit “Send”, your well-crafted thoughts are entering an environment where the average recipient gets 121 e-mails per day²! Under those circumstances, it’s hard to stand out and keep your client’s attention.

An easy solution is to start taking advantage of the content available to you on Customers want to engage with you as late as they can in the sales cycle. And, they want to be well-versed in a topic before they do. Sharing content with them can put you “front-of-mind” until they are truly ready to talk.

Here are five ways you can use Laerdal’s content to distinguish yourself...

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