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BTLS Victim Injury Set

A set of wound lay-ons, blood splats, and simulated blood designed for use on manikins or humans to simulate injuries required in the BTLS Instructor’s Manual.


Set of wound lay-ons specifically designed for training professionals in the skills required for Basic Trauma Life Support techniques.

  • Includes injuries required in 12 patient scenarios
  • Over 30 wound lay-ons with Hook and Loop attachments allowing easy application and detachment
  • Wounds include:
    • Head cover with scalp laceration
    • Head cover with battle signs and blood in ear
    • Head cover with lacerated forehead
    • Face cover with lacerations and contusions on forehead and face and dilated pupil
    • Face cover with burns
    • Distended jugular vein
    • Cervical spine injury (3 modules)
    • Flail chest segment with contusion (2 modules)
    • Chest cover with 2nd and 3rd degree burns
    • Chest plate with contusion on sternum (2 modules)
    • Chest gunshot
    • Abdominal plate with contusion
    • Abdominal evisceration
    • Pelvis contusion
    • Stab wound lower back
    • Arm sleeve with 2nd and 3rd degree burns
    • Gunshot entry upper right arm
    • Forearm with 2nd and 3rd degree burns
    • Open fracture left forearm
    • Gunshot exit left forearm
    • Closed fracture radius
    • Closed fracture femur (3 modules)
    • Gunshot exit right leg
    • Open fracture right lower leg
    • Open fracture lower leg
    • Impaled object
    • Blood splats (10)
    • Comes with bottle of red simulated blood and a soft-side carry case
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