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Technical Services

Value Plus Service Plans

Designed to make it easy to access the most useful services with the flexibility that suits different types of needs.

Who will benefit from this service


Manage your simulation centre in the most cost-effective manner. Protect your investment with preventative maintenance, extended warranties, and loaner equipment. We can help you with quality training, improved efficiency, and improved productivity.


As a simulation instructor, you can’t let equipment down-time negatively impact your training schedules. These high-value plans can help you keep things running so you can concentrate on training.


Preparing for a simulation requires an in-depth understanding of how the simulator and systems work. We can help you with enhancing equipment operation, reducing repairs, and extending the life of your equipment.

What value the service will provide

✔ Prevents downtime due to equipment failure
✔ Keeps simulator updated with the latest software
✔ Loaner equipment available (country-specific)
✔ Replacement of worn parts before they break
✔ Every function and feature in the simulator is checked and optimized
✔ Personal, customized consultation with an experienced technician
✔ Equipment enhancement extends equipment life to ensure lifetime value

Dave was wonderful. I really liked that by the very end he had both of us 'teaching' him to use the equipment. This really tapped in to the educators in us and made the learning more valuable. His experience in simulation was also very extensive which made it interesting to have discussions and bounce ideas off of him for our own simulation environment.

How the service is delivered

The ValuePlus services are available in 2, 3 or 5 years packages, with the purchase of a simulator for the ultimate product protection and savings.


During preventative maintenence, our service engineer will ensure your simulator maintains peak performance through extensive testing, replacement of maintenance and wear items. We will also keep you on top of software updates.


In addition to our preventive maintenance service, ValuePlus Sliver includes an extended warranty on the product. This extended warranty starts when the original manufacturer warranty expires.


Includes preventive maintenance, extended warranty as well as a loaner service. If unexpected simulator downtime occurs, Laerdal will dispatch a loaner unit to your facility for use while your equipment is being evaluated by our Laerdal service technicians.






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