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PROMPT Birthing Simulator

Simulation for Positive Delivery Outcomes


The PROMPT Birthing Simulator enables instructors to effectively teach the complexities associated with birthing. Participants can experience childbirth and practice the skills required for successful deliveries. Hybrid simulation utilizing the PROMPT Birthing Simulator adds realism to scenarios. Learning routine and emergency care for obstetrical patients can be achieved by combining the PROMPT simulator with a standardized patient (human actress). The standardized patient enables realistic human interaction and communication while the PROMPT simulator supports the performance of obstetrical skills. 
As a task trainer, PROMPT is an excellent teaching tool.  The detachable abdominal and perineal skin enables visualization of internal maneuvers and fetal positioning during training.  Learners can see how maneuvers affect the fetus in-utero.  Force monitoring provides a visualization tool for proper assisted delivery. Learners see and feel the appropriate force required with hands on experience and feedback.
Integrating additional products into obstetrical simulation enhances the overall learning and training experience.  Incorporating additional simulators, standardized patients, or task trainers allows instructors to build complexity and tailor the simulation to their learners.

Product Benefits

  • Educationally effective for multi-professional team training targeting key skills for obstetrical care
  • Hybrid simulation, utilizing a human patient actress, adds realism to scenarios by providing real human interaction allowing participants to practice communication skills
  • Integrating additional products such as SimNewB or Nursing Anne into obstetrical simulation enhances the overall learning and training experience
  • Articulating baby can be presented in multiple positions to represent difficult and routine deliveries
  • Economical, educationally efficient, and easily integrated into obstetrical training
  • The Force Monitor system provides both instant feedback and graphical records as to the force applied to the baby during delivery

Product Features

  • Anatomically accurate perineum and pelvic floor muscles, with bony pelvis modeled from CT scan data
  • The abdominal skin can be removed to display anatomical structures and fetal positioning
  • Representative full term baby with:
    • Palpable fontanel and suture lines
    • Palpable clavicles and scapulae
    • Detachable placenta with cord 
  • Mother allows for multiple delivery positions and techniques:
    • Normal delivery
    • Breech delivery
    • Vacuum delivery
    • Shoulder dystocia management
    • Forceps delivery
    • Delivery of placenta  

PROMPT Hybrid Birthing Simulation:


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